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For over three decades, our firm has provided representation to clients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Learn how our attorneys can help you and your family by scheduling a free consultation with our firm.

About Robins Cloud LLP

We Go Above and Beyond to Help Our Clients Recover Compensation

Care, support, and flexibility: These are three things you deserve from the attorneys you choose to help with your mesothelioma claim. Our practice is built around accommodating your needs. We are here to share our knowledge and offer guidance, but this is your claim—meaning you drive every decision. Then, we provide the follow-through.

Robins Cloud LLP has over two decades of experience working with mesothelioma victims, but more than that, we have a firm that is perfectly suited to serving your needs. Over the course of serving mesothelioma patients, we’ve learned the in and outs of the process and of patients’ concerns. Everything we know has shaped our operation to help us serve you better.

Do you have questions about Robins Cloud LLP and how we can help you with a mesothelioma claim? Call us any time at (888) 495-1250 or send us a message online. We’re happy to speak with you in a free consultation.

Experienced & Skilled Attorneys on Your Side

There’s no substitute for the knowledge and training of an accomplished attorney. Every team member at Robins Cloud LLP brings high-level skill to your case. In fact, we like to hire lawyers who have worked at large firms, taking on high-stakes cases against major defendants. They bring the level of courtroom experience necessary for taking on cases like yours. Further, most attorneys leave these firms because they don’t feel they’re able to be personal enough with their clients. Our team is full of people who know the value of getting to know each client so we can serve their best interests.

A Firm with Big Resources and a Big Heart

Investigating mesothelioma cases can be a tall order depending on a client’s background. So can bringing a case against a big company that doesn’t want to offer a fair settlement despite its role in exposing you to asbestos. Though a lot of lawyers don’t like to talk about this part, we want to be transparent with you: It takes a lot of work and resources to build a compelling case.

Because we work on contingency, we’re not billing anyone for our hours or asking them to cover fees. A team that operates on this basis can only do as well as they’re allowed to by the resources on hand. Small, local firms often don’t have the type of reserves that allow them to put in months of work upfront, and when you work with them, your case may be rushed or they may pressure you to accept a settlement because they need to pay their bills.

Over our years in the field, we’ve built considerable resources and a wide network so we the ability to take on complex mesothelioma cases. This means we can help you in ways other firms can’t, getting access to private records and bringing in industry experts to testify on your behalf. At the same time, we limit our workload, because we don’t want to become just another big law firm. Our priority will always lay with our clients.

We’re Focused on the Results You Need

No lawsuit is a straightforward process, and in filing a mesothelioma claim, there will be questions about the best way to proceed. Our attorneys won’t forge ahead without asking for your input when we reach these points. Instead, we provide all the information a client needs to make an informed decision.

We pride ourselves on offering straightforward and trustworthy guidance to our clients, no matter what questions we’re facing. This is your case, not ours—and we’re fighting to meet your goals. Our attorneys will sit down with you to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each choice facing you and let you decide how to proceed. We don’t let ourselves be driven by ego or our personal interests. We are committed to executing the measures you choose and doing our best no matter what.

Let Us Prove Ourselves to You

Our successes in past mesothelioma cases have earned the attorneys at Robins Cloud LLP nationwide respect in the field. We’ve also helped clients get the compensation they deserve so they can access quality treatment and continue to support their families despite their illness.

Here’s some of the net payments our clients have received—meaning, even after attorney fees and expenses were deducted from the gross reward, the dollar amount below is what they went home with after a case. (Most firms will show you the gross amount, to make their results look more impressive, but we want you to see the actual outcomes our clients have experienced.)

  • $3,665,000 for a client who received a mesothelioma diagnosis at age 70 after a life spend working with construction materials made of asbestos.
  • $3,625,000 for an airplane mechanic, after we took the company that manufactured asbestos insulation to court.
  • $2,866,000 for a mesothelioma patient who was exposed to asbestos over the course of his career at a refinery.

We’ve also taken on and won more complex cases—like those for family members of asbestos workers who were exposed secondhand, and those whose careers had less obvious connections (like copy machine repair and eraser manufacture) but still exposed employees to asbestos materials.

There is no challenge too great for our attorneys to tackle, so if you’ve contracted an asbestos-related disease like mesothelioma, reach out to Robins Cloud LLP to discuss whether you can file a claim.

Our attorneys are available to talk to you: Call us at (888) 495-1250. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain how we can help you file a claim for compensation.

Making Sure Our Clients Are Taken Care Of

Recent Case Results & Verdicts

The amounts listed below are net to client after the deduction for attorney fees and expenses. 

  • Construction Worker Diagnosed with Mesothelioma $3,665,000

    (net to client) A man was diagnosed with mesothelioma at age 70. He was a construction worker who later owned his own company.

  • Jury Verdict for Aircraft Mechanic with Mesothelioma $3,625,000

    (net to client) This case went to trial against one of the asbestos pipe insulation manufacturers and was settled after a jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client.

  • Jury Verdict for Refinery Worker $2,866,000

    (net to client) This case went to trial and was settled after a jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client.

  • Jury Verdict for Refinery Worker $2,653,000

    (net to client) This case went to trial and was settled after a jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client.

  • Jury Verdict for Refinery Worker with Mesothelioma $2,450,000

    (net to client) This case was tried to a verdict and was settled at a later date after a jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client.


We Put Our Clients First. Always.

Decades of Experience & a Passion For Justice.
  • Nationwide Representation

    Regardless of where you and your family reside, we can provide legal assistance. We often fly out to meet our clients in person for their peace of mind and wellbeing.

  • Representing Mesothelioma Clients Since 1992

    We've continuously evolved our practice with changes in pathology, medicine, and the legal space. We know exactly how to approach these cases and how to help our clients get the best possible result.

  • Taking Our Time With Every Case We Take

    Unlike other firms that focus on volume, we truly are selective with the cases we take on so that we can give our clients the time, attention, and resources they deserve.

  • Direct Communication With Your Attorney

    Whether you need an update on your case or simply need to talk, our attorneys often provide their direct cell phone numbers to our clients for transparency and ease of access.

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